Tackle biggest obstacles and improve your Polish instantly!

Easy methods, best tips and advice from my +10 years of successful Polish teaching in convenient video lessons. 


"Really your videos is the best videos I found it during my 6 years in Poland."

explained slowly

My video lessons are very easy to understand

I slowly take you step by step through all the essential topics and vocabulary, pointing out things you need to focus on and giving you my best learning tips, so you can learn faster and start speaking as soon as possible. 

easy language with subtitles

I speak Polish very slowly, using simple words and phrases, so you can understand everything.

You are just starting? No worries, there are Polish and English subtitles available, so you can follow the lesson even if you don't speak Polish yet.

more than video lessons

Videos are just one part of my courses. 

There are a lot of  interactive games, addidional downloadable learning materials and tests. This will help you to memorize the material better and also give you clear view of how your prgress is going.

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You explain everything very clearly. I understood everything (with Polish subtitles), I have been learning Polish only for a few monhts.


These lessons are excellent, you really know how to speak in a way that is intelligible for me. Probably the first videos I've watched where I understand all that is being said.


Really your videos is the best videos I found it during my 6 years in Poland.