Survival Polish

How to survive in a Polish shop?

3 Modules 0 Chapters 11 Lessons Easy

About this course

Groceries in Polish made easy.

This guide will help you to navigate any Polish food store, from a small bakery to a supermarket. Comfortably interact with shop assistants, ask for products you want and seamlessly make every type of payment needed.

  • This course is for you if you live in Poland and you want to do all the shopping correctly and be able to talk to shop assistants.
  • This course is for: beginners, A1 level.
  • 1h15min of video lessons, divided in 11 modules.
  • Bonus video: Numbers from 1-1000 with pronunciation
  • Lessons are in English (I speak very slowly and in simple language, so you can understand it all)
  • 24 interactive exercises and games
  • Free bonus: shopping list cheat sheet
  • mobile friendly - access eveyrwhere, on any device
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