Polish cases system

2 Modules 0 Chapters 13 Lessons

About this course

“What’s with all the different endings of the words? It is so confusing!”

I will teach you in simple system to think about cases, so after this course you will finally understand what “przypadki” (cases ) are. You will learn all about first of them, “mianownik“ together with genders in Polish, which are crucial to master cases.

  • This course is for: beginners, level A1, level A2 (so even if you already speak Polish, but you have hard times with proper grammar)
  • Easy, step by step instructions
  • 1h45min of video lessons, divided in 13 modules
  • Lessons are in Polish with Polish and English subtitles (I speak very slowly and in simple language, so you can understand it all)
  • 20 interactive exercises and games
  • Free bonus: 18 pages ebook "Cases in singular"
  • mobile friendly - access on any device
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