Learning Polish is easy when you know how to learn.

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Main Benefits of learning Polish online

In last 2 years online learning became very popular. 

However, we have been doing online Polish lessons for 9 years now. 

That's why we just do it right!


You can learn from safety of your home and save time on traffic!

Available everywhere

Enjoy the finest Polish online lessons wherever you are!


When we compared the effective of online courses and stationary courses at our school, long time progress was in both groups very high!

New friends

Meet new, interesting people from all over the world!

Who are we?

It all started 9 years ago

in Poznań, Poland.

I am Dorota, Polish expert and teacher.

If you don't know me, you need to check my Youtube channel to see how easy it is to learn Polish, when it is explained properly.

9 years ago I opened Teach me Polish, the best Polish langauge school in Poznań (just see our reviews).

Now all the group courses from Teach me Polish are available online. And I make sure that they are done right!

How does online Polish learning work?



For the lesson, you will  connect with the teacher and other students on Skype video call.



During the whole lesson you interact with all the students and the teacher.


Free learning materials

You wil get digital learning materials, that will be used on the lessons and to do homework.

Pricing Plans


Convenient monthly payments.

368 PLN

What's included

  • Free placement test to check your level
  • Free trial group lesson so you can see if you like the course.
  • 90 minutes group lessons twice a week, 8 lessons in a month
  • Small groups - maximum 9 students
  • Free learning materials and homework

How to join?

Please follow the next steps to complete the process


Contact us to arrange a free placement test and get yourself level of Polish checked.


After the free test we will know which one of our groups is the most suitable for you.


You will join for free for 1 lesson, see if you like the group and if you want to stay on the course for longer (we are sure you will).

Boost Your Polish. Join 3,000+ satisfied students.

Contact us and we will get back to you shorly to arrange the free placement test!