Learn to chat in Polish in just few hours, even if you just started learning Polish!

In easy step by step video lesson you will learn the most common phrases used in Polish formal and informal small talk. You will know how to interact in Polish naturally, so you can engage in most everyday situations confidently with your family, friends and coworkers. Be a part of the conversation!

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Family meeting, a party or just a dinner with friends. You don't want to feel left alone when everybody else is talking and enjoing themselves. After this course you will know how to speak with Polish people in formal and informal situations. You will know what questions you can ask and how to reply when someone asks you in many social situations. You will be able to communicate with friends and strangers, parents in law, Polish family and your coworkers.

Learn most common formal and informal real life phrases

Be prepared for most everyday small talk situations!

Learn how to start the conversation and how to answer most common questions

Real life dialogues examples will prepare you for real situations.

Start talking with people ASAP!

Courses are carefully designed to give you the best results as soon as possible.

Much more than a video course!

My courses are much more than just videos. After each lesson there are interactive activities to help you remember the topics better. They are fun and engaging, so you will be surprised how fast you learn. There are also written materials with important language rules and vocabulary, which you can use to practise freshly aquired knowledge. All courses are mobile friendly, you can access them on any device. When  I speak Polish in my videos, there are always Polish and English subtitles available.

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  • This course is for you if you want to talk with Polish people, but you are not sure how to start or you don't  know what to ask and how to answer their questions.
  • This course is for: A1 level, A2 level
  • 1h17min of video lessons, divided in 12 modules
  • 23 examples of real life dialogues
  • Lessons are in Polish with Polish and English subtitles (I speak very slowly and in simple language, so you can understand it all)
  • 28 interactive exercises and games
  • Free bonus: Pdf with 3 casual dialogues with English translation
  • mobile friendly - access on any device

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About Me.

I am a Polish language expert and teacher. For over 11 years I have been helping students from all over the world learn and speak Polish. 

I have a Youtube channel with more than 7000 subscribers where I publish videos that help people learn Polish.

I started up and now manage Teach me Polish, one of the most successful Polish language school for foreigners. 

But don't just listen to me. Check out what my students have to say about my Polish courses!


These lessons are excellent, you really know how to speak in a way that is intelligible for me. Probably the first videos I've watched where I understand all that is being said.


Thank you for speaking so slowly, it really helps!


Well I must say that your online Polish course looks fantastic and compares very favourably with other language courses on the internet. I particularly like your clarity when speaking and your pace of delivery.


You explain everything very clearly. I understood everything (with Polish subtitles), I have been learning Polish only for a few monhts.


You truly have a talent for this! You are giving us the Polish language, not teaching it. I listened to you on this video, and I understood without trying to learn. Amazing.


The lessons are fun, always combining games with learning.


Really your videos is the best videos I found it during my 6 years in Poland. 


Especially with the Polish subtitles, this is really helpful!


I am an English teacher, so I can tell that this is a great way to teach. You are a great teacher!

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Be a a part of the conversation!

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